Private Treatment

Orthodontic treatments can be either self-funded (i.e. under private contract) or funded by the NHS. A specialist practice like us rely on both these revenue streams to deliver the highest quality of care.

Private Orthodontic Care – Key Benefits

  • Treatment can begin a lot sooner. (Clinically urgent cases are not asked to wait regardless of how they are funded)
  • Continuity of care with the same experienced specialist orthodontist undertaking the entire course of treatment
  • Increased treatment choices e.g. clear brackets, custom designed appliances
  • Flexible appointments, which allow patients to pre-book days and times which are most suitable for them
  • Longer appointments
  • Allows patients who do not qualify for NHS funding to be treated

All patients intending to self fund their treatment are provided with an itemised quotation explaining the costs of their proposed treatment in detail